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The West Midlands is Young, Digital & Diverse with an Appetite for Change

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We have some exciting news!

BCU Mayor is working on a campaign to secure Channel 4‘s relocation to the West Midlands.  The decision for the relocation has reached a critical stage as it’s very likely the decision is going to be announced in the next few weeks. To make sure that Channel 4 are left in no doubt about the incredible talent we have across the region a grassroots, guerrilla social media campaign is kicking off today to showcase everything we have to offer. 

BCU is part of the task force driving the initiative forward.

We are looking for your help….

To make it work we need as many of our SME partners and their talented staff to join in the campaign today and keep it going over these important few weeks. 

If at all possible may we ask that you go onto your social media platforms (Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram et al) over the next few weeks to post amazing content, videocase studies

Using the hashtag #WMGenerationand include;  @Natalie_KT@bcuadvantage@BCUjoB so that BCU can retweet the messages as much as possible. 

The message we are promoting is: The WM is  “Young, Digital & Diverse” with an ‘Appetite for Change’

WE NEED YOU…. to share this message far and wide, to make as much noise as possible and show Channel 4 exactly what the WM Region’s talent has to offer. 

The best thing you can do if you are on social media is to start with stating your support for the campaign on your profiles and promote it out to all your networks and @ all our talented individuals who may have content so that they too can engage.

Thanks very much for all your support.