Birmingham City University are pleased to introduce our MSc Enterprise Systems Management course

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Our MSc Enterprise Systems Management course, deliver improved competitive advantage, cost reduction and innovation to your business.

The MSc Enterprise Systems Management course at Birmingham City University builds our students’understanding of the integration of people, processes, and technology, in order to streamline business processes and gain a competitive advantage. Students learn to manage technological systems in order to support growth and innovation in their organisation. The course is complemented with practical workshops, working with SAP systems to apply learning in a virtual industry. The course also provides the opportunity to undertake SAP certification in a number of key areas.  

At Birmingham City University we are continually investing in our learning facilities in order to provide the best opportunities for our students and their organisations. The MSc Enterprise Systems Management course is taught at Millennium Point, a hub for technology and innovation, right in the centre of Birmingham. Our labs are equipped to industry standards, so our students graduate ready to bring their skills and expertise to the workplace.  

Deb Evans, Associate Professor of Enterprise Systems at Birmingham City University, is an experienced Operations Management practitioner. She has over 20 years of experience in managing enterprise information systems in order to improve business performance.

“The course was well-structured with good facilities, and the support from staff was excellent. It is very relevant for my role as IT Manager and I knew it would assist my development within my company, and benefit the company itself. I’ve enjoyed the direct relevance the course contents have to my job role.” Peter Russell, MSc Enterprise Systems Management

Contact Deb for more information and how to apply.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 0121 331 7423

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