Birmingham City University offers brand new 'Value Propositions' Short Course

By Birmingham City University
schedule3rd Oct 23

Every business needs a solid Value Proposition – a clear, concise statement of the measurable benefits that your company offers to its current and prospective customers.

A brand new dedicated Short Course delivered by Birmingham City University will enable you to uncover and identify the Value Proposition offered by your own business.

Delivered in four 4-hour sessions and costing just £75.00, BCU’s Value Proposition Short Course could provide return on investment within a very short time.

The principal modules are:

How to add value for your customer?

Exploring what it is that your customer is really building – how do you add value for them? This is linked to your business model and strengths to let you identify opportunities for growth.

Creating a Value Proposition canvas

Next by identifying who your customers are and what tasks they are trying to achieve or pain points they are trying to avoid, you can create a ‘Value Proposition Canvas’. Tell your customers exactly how you will make their pain go away and make their tasks simple.

Finding your customers ‘unknown needs’

Once you understand the needs your customers know they have, start finding the unknown needs, where your business strengths will let you surprise and delight your customers. Exploring the ‘wow’ factor to help you stand out from competitors.

Build a value discipline plan for your business

Finally, you will have the opportunity to learn how to put it all together to build a value discipline plan for your own business. You will finish the unit with a plan for the 3 to 6 months to make your business shine.

The Value Propositions Short Course will commence in November – click the link below to secure a place or request further information!

Value Propositions | Birmingham City University (

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