Caterpillar Project Management Presentation


Perkins mid-term forecast for the 4000 Series product range indicated that existing UK based manufacturing capacity will not be able to cope with demand by mid/late 2010s. An extensive 

investigation was held to determine where new capacity should be located and this included expanding existing capability at the UK Stafford-based facility. Analysis of future demand patterns for 
such products has indicated that Asian markets have the strongest long-term growth. Further 
analysis of demand also indicated the future demand patterns will move in favour of India. India, 
therefore, becomes the chosen location for the establishment of the new facility. Existing capacity 
at the Stafford facility is 6,000 units per annum and the planned facility will need to be capable of 
3,000 units in the first instance with future capacity projection being made for up to 5,000 units. 
In order to meet the required capacity expansion, a total investment of $150 million is being made, including start-up costs. This presentation will provide a unique insight into the management of a large capital intensive project, including:
1. Project Governance
2. Performance Management
3. Business Readiness
4. Adaptive Management
5. Key Lessons Learnt

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