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This conference looks at the current use of data in the context of 3D design and BIM to take the next steps towards BIM Level 3 (Digital Built Britain). This represents the move towards the operational phase of the building and the growing world of sensor capture. This includes the use and ultimately the storage of big data to predict a building's reaction to the weather and use.

Data has changed professional practices significantly over the past decade. The Internet of Things (IoT) has started to produce vast quantities of data that allow us to measure and monitor how buildings live and breathe in real-time. This opens up major opportunities to understand how we use BIM and implement PAS 3.

As a small buildings dataset grows, is the use of spreadsheets a realistic approach to save sensor data? Given the life of most domestic houses of 120 years or more, this is increasingly becoming an area of interest. Add several houses together as part of a network or mesh, and spreadsheet use is simply inefficient and open to loss even when stored within the cloud.

This event specifically addresses your questions about:

  • How sensor data can benefit building design and management
  • Challenges of adding sensors to designs e.g. providing accurate instructions to suppliers to put a sensor in place
  • How to collect, collate and understand sensor data and add value with the addition of external data sets

This event will provide top level industry insight, the opportunity for interaction and getting your questions answered; and practical learning in workshop sessions.  REGISTER 

Draft Agenda

Facilitated and organised by Prof. Stephen Scaysbrook MCIAT, ACIOB

12:00 pm Lunch Registration

13:00 pm Opening keynote - Major Architectural Practice (to be confirmed )

13:30 pm Cisco: Presentation re IoT infrastructure and Q&A

14:30 pm Break and Coffee

14:50 pm Google: Presentation re data use and tools available; Q&A

16:15 pm Break and Coffee

16:30 pm Workshops: parallel tracks

17:30 pm Conclusions and observations of the day

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