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The Midlands needs you!

The Midlands is on the edge of massive growth in the professional services sector with Birmingham and Coventry in particular seeing major investments by organisations such as HSBC, HS2 and RICS.

In addition to this, many other businesses and organisations are setting up here, or looking to relocate to the region, making the Midlands the biggest destination for white-collar workers migrating from London.

So, how can we work together to maximize the potential of our local economy? How can we drive increased investment from businesses and organisations, encourage more professionals to relocate here and nurture more of our very own home-grown talent?

Birmingham City University invites you to join its debate

Birmingham City University, in conjunction with Business Insider, invites you to join its Midlands debate. We will be discussing ways we can make the Midlands ‘the business centre for professional services in the UK’ and a European, even worldwide, centre of business excellence.

Tuesday, 21st June 2016

The event will bring together a panel of experts – heads of professional bodies, business leaders, educators, and investment gurus – to inform debate on how the Midlands can build on its success to become a Professional Powerhouse.

 The debate will inform:

·  Why has the Midlands become such a draw for professional people and organisations?

·  How do we encourage more to follow them?

·  How do we develop areas of specialisation in which the Midlands can become a European, and even global leader? What are these specialisms?

·  How do we encourage more ‘home grown’ talent from schools, colleges and universities?

·  How to access /draw down the academic expertise from these universities?

·  How do we ensure that the benefits of a thriving professional community are spread beyond the confines of areas like Colmore Row and Friargate?

·  What are the infrastructure investments needed to develop the regions white collar sector?

·  What ‘soft assest’ such as schools homes and leisure are needed?

To secure your place at Birmingham City University’s Midlands debate REGISTER HERE

Date: Tue 21 June -  7:30am - 10:00am

Location: Curzon Building - Room C087, 5 Cardigan St, Birmingham , B4 7BD

Contact: Sanjeev Gill 

Email: [email protected] 

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