The BCU Magnesium Symposium 2017

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The BCU Magnesium Symposium 2017

At 1.8g/cm³, magnesium is the lightest of all structural materials. Magnesium is lightweight, strong, safe, affordable and 100% recyclable.

This exciting symposium will be looking at the importance of magnesium within the manufacturing sector – showcasing it as an alternative material, especially for car manufacturers and the aerospace industry in terms of light weighting, fuel efficiency and the circular economy.

  • Hear why magnesium should be used for the next generation of vehicles and aircraft
  • Discover how safe magnesium is as we dispel the myths around its burning reputation
  • Learn about the magnesium research and development findings of Birmingham City University's industry collaborations with Meridian Lightweight Technologies UK
  • Understand how a magnesium R&D collaboration with the University could benefit your business and change the future of your product design

Event programme

12.30pm: Registration, lunch and networking

1.30pm: Welcome from Birmingham City University

1:40pm: Meridian Lightweight Technologies UK

2:00pm: Keynote speeches:

a. High Speed Sustainable Manufacturing Institute (HSSMI)

b. International Magnesium Association (IMA)

c. Forum for the Future (FF)

3:00pm: Tea & coffee break

3:20pm: Birmingham City University academic keynotes x 3

4:20pm: Panel Q&A & discussion (Meridian, BCU, HSSMI, IMA, FF)

4:50pm: Networking - canapes and drinks

5:30pm: Close

Background and partnerships

The BCU Magnesium Symposium 2017 represents an exclusive partnership between Birmingham City University and Meridian Lightweight Technologies UK – the world’s largest producer of magnesium die cast components. The strategic alliance has seen the two organisations working together in the education, research and development of magnesium use, whilst placing fuel efficiency through weight savings and sustainability at its core.

Other partners involved in the collaborative partnership include the International Magnesium Association (IMA), The High Speed Sustainable Manufacturing Institute (HSSMI) and Forum for the Future – all of whom will be at the symposium to share their current thinking around the utilisation of magnesium.

Birmingham City University's research

The BCU Magnesium Symposium 2017 will act as an introduction to the research our academics and business partners have been working on. For more information on this, please find links below to abstracts highlighting just some of the work we've been doing around magnesium and the benefits it holds.

Why Magnesium?

-Towards the Improvement of Magnesium Alloys

-Magnesium in the Automotive and Aerospace Industries

-Attitudes on Magnesium Alloys

-The Viability of Using Magnesium Alloys

-Potential Growth in the Global Magnesium Industry

-Supporting Women in Engineering

-Fuel Consumption and Carbon Emissions

-A Testbed Platform for UVA Emergency Deployment

-Downtime Solutions to High Pressure Die Casts Exchange

-Vulnerability and Innovation

- Magnesium Alloy Die Casting Process

- Magnesium Space Frame Structure for Mainstream Road Cars

Want to have your say on attitudes to magnesium? Participate in our research survey.

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