Want to make use of Digital Marketing but don't know how? A new £90 Short Course from Birmingham City University is the answer!

By Birmingham City University
schedule16th Feb 24

Online marketing techniques have become an invaluable means of winning new business, connecting with customers and establishing a brand.

Businesses are increasingly aware that having a digital marketing specialist on the payroll can offer returns out of all proportion to the outlay.

Interestingly however, despite that we live in an era with the most apparently tech-savvy workforce of all time, demand for digital skills has never been higher, while the supply of suitable talent appears short.

There is a solution! Birmingham City University (BCU) now offers a brand-new Short Course in Digital Marketing that quickly enables you or your employee(s) to deploy best-practice online business development.

Delivered in 5 instructor-led sessions and costing just £90.00 all in, everyone who completes the course will receive an official BCU Certificate of Achievement to evidence their new skills.

The course content includes:

  • Understanding digital marketing
  • Problems and things-to-avoid in online marketing
  • Understanding digital marketing best practice
  • Learning the basics of online promotional strategy for business
  • Understanding target-setting
  • Creating digital campaigns
  • Devising useful measurements and outcomes
  • Developing a 12-month digital campaign you can start immediately

For more information or to reserve a place on this very popular course, please go to the web page.

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